We strive to ….

Build on value to expected levels and

  • Constantly add value
  • Focus on key deliverables
  • Maintain Ethical Standards
  • Value relationships, nurture and build on them
  • Maintain Quality  over quantity

Knowing Topspot ….

From time immemorial, the Ying and the Yang, the Feminine and the Masculine, the Soft and the Hard, have stayed apart, in constant tension opposing each other.

In flowers and living beings, in societies and organizations, when there is a fusion, between the Ying and the Yang, there is creation of beauty and variety, of meaning and value.

Topspot is one such place – where there is a fusion of Art and Science, of HR skills and Technology.

People are like Poetry

You can’t read them like Prose

It is difficult to explain what a fine talent we have. To be able to get an insight in to your requirements goes beyond mere understanding. The ingenuitywith which we find people, is not a skill that we learnt. Topspot was born with it. The intensity  of our focus burns everything that comes in our way. While we systematically follow a structured process for networking and head hunting people, the best “catch” often comes from a creative leap. The quality of our work cannot be analyzed. It is an experience. Like artists we practice and improve every day and that shows.

 Sourcing People is an Art.

                     For some it is a hobby. For many it is a Profession.

                                                                                    For us it is a Passion